A fashion designer, graduated from MSKPU in Warsaw. The winner of awards granted by KTR, K MAG, LaMODE.INFO, Milan Style Academy and Macademian Girl. Nominated for SUPERHIRO, finalist of Zlota Nitka contest. Her designs can be seen in fashion magazines and internet portals in Poland and worldwide. Repeatedly presented her collections at polish Fashion Week. Takes part in the biggest polish fashion fairs twice a year - HUSH Warsaw. A fan of black but instead of focusing on color, she emphasizes on construction and mixing seemingly mismatched factures. Designs two collections at the same time. A runway collection, which is more avant-garde, for people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and those who like original and unique designs. The second one, more affordable, simpler in form, more ready to wear. It consists of a wide range of products for women.



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